The Paris Post – September 12, 2019

September 12, 2019


Earlier this week, Paris released a detailed platform and legislative agenda entitled Baltimore Is Worth Fighting For: Paris’ Plan to Restore Faith in Local Government and Deliver Bold Solutions With Immediate Impact. The plan calls for modernization and civilianization of the Baltimore Police Department, bold public health approaches for crime reduction, and ideas to support our young people with the resources they need to succeed. She also lays out a strategy to alleviate economic hardships by focusing on public transportation, affordable housing, and increased job opportunities. 


As you know, Paris is the first candidate in this race to release any substantive plans or policy proposals. We need a leader who has a clear vision and concrete plan to move our City forward. Paris is that leader because #ParisHasAPlan.

Welcoming Sydney

We’re excited to introduce our team’s newest member Sydney Moore, who is our new Field Director. Paris and Sydney met in 2018 when Sydney was interning for Delegate Robbyn Lewis’ campaign and Paris was running for the Central Committee with Team46. Since joining our team, Sydney has been working hard to recruit volunteers, set up meetings with community members, and make sure we’re reaching our daily field goals. Please help make Sydney’s new job a little easier by signing up to volunteer today!


Supporting Democrats

As Chair of the Democratic State Central Committee in the 46th District, Paris works hard to make sure that our local Democratic party is active and engaged. Earlier this month, the 46th District hosted a Mix & Mingle fundraiser in Fells Point to support the citywide committee. At the event, Paris spoke about the progress local Democrats have made and the work that her committee has done to better engage voters. Under her leadership, voter turnout increased last year by 95% in the First District!  


Upcoming Events

We hope you will join Team Paris for our next campaign fundraiser at Ikaros on September 30th. We are currently building our host committee and would love if you could step up to support Paris’ vision for a stronger Baltimore. Your support will keep us in a competitive position to continue our aggressive communications and field operations. Click here to get your ticket!



Other events:


See you soon!

Team Paris

The Paris Post – August 29, 2019

AUGUST 29, 2019

Women's Equality Day

We launched a mini fundraising campaign in honor of Women’s Equality Day on August 26th. We aimed to raise $1,920 over 4 days to represent the year women were granted the right to vote. Many supporters stepped up by making a donation, but we fell $268 short of our ambitious goal. In recognition that we deserve true equality, can you contribute $19.20, $99, or any amount right now to help make this fundraiser a success? Your contribution will go straight towards our voter engagement efforts. 


Our first national endorsement

ICYMI: Our campaign was recently endorsed by Run For Something, an organization that supports young, diverse candidates running for local offices around the United States. Their two main endorsement criteria are: heart and hustle. I’m proud of this endorsement because it proves that we are the hardest-working campaign in the First District.


Click the image above to share our good news! 


Wishing farewell to our Field Director

The start of the school year means it’s time for us to say goodbye to our Field Director Emily Hudson. Emily spent her summer running our field operations on the ground in Southeast, where she has lived her whole life. She helped build up our volunteer base, put up signs, and most importantly knock doors and make phone calls to First District voters. In her own words:


“I got involved with Paris’ campaign when she knocked on my door a few months ago and explained to me why she is running. I realized that Paris’ vision for Baltimore is my vision for Baltimore: a city where each and every neighborhood is healthy, safe, and thriving. We deserve a Councilperson who knows our neighborhoods, understands our issues, and works to solve our problems swiftly and efficiently. I have loved working for Paris’ campaign this past summer and look forward to watching her efforts ramp up and come to fruition next April.”

Emily has been an incredible help and asset to our campaign, and we will miss her dearly. We will be sharing some new hires soon, but in the meantime, please give Emily a proper send-off by signing up to knock on doors, make phone calls, or put up a campaign sign! 

Wine Tasting Fundraiser

Our next host-driven event will be a wine tasting at Chesapeake Wine Company hosted by Dana Karangelen and Kiel Quinn. Chesapeake Wine Company is a local, women-owned wine store in Canton that is graciously hosting us and bringing in wine vendors to our event. Join us on Thursday, September 26th!


 First District Priorities Survey 

A few weeks ago, we launched our survey for residents to share with me their most pressing concerns about our community. We’ve received many responses so far, but we want to be sure everyone has the opportunity to make their voice heard. Make sure you take the survey if you haven’t already, or send it to your neighbors so they can share their insights.


Upcoming Events

Save the dates for our events coming up in September:



See you soon!

Team Paris

The Paris Post – August 15, 2019

AUGUST 15, 2019

Welcome to the first edition of The Paris Post, our campaign’s new bi-weekly newsletter. Now that our campaign is in full swing, our team decided that a newsletter would be a great way to keep our constituents and supporters updated on everything we’re doing. I hope you enjoy! 

I’m grateful to the many volunteers — only some of whom are pictured above — who have come out to help us knock doors. The progress we have made so far truly would not be possible without them. I hope you’ll consider joining us on the doors or helping us make phone calls. You can sign up for volunteer activities here or reach out to our Field Director Emily at

Connecting with Voters

Since launching this campaign back in January, our team has knocked on more than 13,000 doors! We have walked through every neighborhood once and are halfway through our second pass of the district.

Volunteer Top

In the Community

Connecting with voters is my absolute favorite part about running for City Council. I get to meet lots of passionate people who have interesting ideas about how we can work together to improve our community. But I also meet folks who are struggling to get by and who need a Councilperson who will listen to them, communicate with them, and fight for them. 

I’ve met with mothers who feel that they need to move in order for their children to have access to the resources they need to succeed and thrive. They’ve explained to me that their children do not have adequate youth programming or social supports to assist them, which is why I’m planning to strengthen social programs for our young people. 

I’ve spoken with families who have experienced disrespect and discrimination when requesting accommodations for disabilities and enforcement of safety and sanitation laws. I firmly believe that every person deserves to live in a healthy, safe, and decent home no matter what neighborhood they live in. I will be an advocate for every resident and every neighborhood of Southeast Baltimore. 



Last month President Trump attacked Baltimore by spewing hate, telling lies, and saying that no human being would want to live here. As someone who was born here and chose to continue living here, I was just as outraged and offended about the President’s tweets as I’m sure you were. Congressman Elijah Cummings has spent his career tirelessly fighting for justice and for the people of Baltimore, and now he is working to protect our democracy in his role as Chairman of the House Oversight Committee. We are lucky to have him and he deserves nothing but our thanks and support.

House Party in DC

I’m proud to be from Baltimore, which is why I was grateful to have the opportunity to tell folks in DC about the real Baltimore. I told them that despite what they hear from the media (and the President), Baltimore’s strengths are greater than our challenges. Thank you to my friends James and Patrick for hosting a house party for my campaign at their home in DC.

Hosting a house party is a fun way to support the campaign by connecting us with donors and volunteers, all while getting the campaign’s message out. We are actively looking for folks to host fundraising house parties to support our campaign. If you or any of your friends might be able to host a house party, please reach out to Tare at

If hosting a house party isn’t your thing, making even a small contribution is a big help to our campaign. We put every dollar to work purchasing literature and other supplies for volunteers so that we can keep directly engaging voters in the First District. 

First District Priorities Survey

I believe that elected officials should make it a priority to listen to their constituents and develop solutions that address their concerns. This is why we launched a survey for First District residents to share with me their most pressing concerns about our community. If you live in the District, please add your voice by filling out our survey.