Paris understands that little things like trash, potholes, and water leaks have a huge impact on our day-to-day quality of life. As Councilwoman, she will prioritize constituent services and the delivery of high quality city services across the First District. No matter the issue, Paris will deliver a prompt response and a swift resolution. 


We need a leader who will unite the neighborhoods in Southeast Baltimore so that we’re working together towards our common goals. Paris believes that the challenges in our City should not pull our communities apart. She excels at the fundamentals of leadership: listening to people, building relationships, and serving others. Everyone deserves to live in a healthy, safe, and connected community. Through collaboration and partnership with the communities of the First District Paris will improve transportation options, development expectations for new development, and address public safety holistically, including through education, mental health treatment, and addiction treatment. 


Paris understands that representation means having a seat at the table. We will not be truly represented as long as Baltimore’s City Council is only 20% women. As your Councilwoman, Paris will create opportunities for everyone to make their voices heard. As a proud daughter of southeast Baltimore, she knows that sometimes the best man for the job is a woman.