Supporting Baltimore’s Immigrant Communities


Baltimore is a City built by immigrants and today is no different. Southeast Baltimore is a vibrant and diverse place, home to a growing Latinx community. Immigration to Baltimore is a cornerstone of population and economic growth for the City, and local government has an important role to play in welcoming and supporting Baltimore’s immigrants into our social and economic life. 

  • Translation services at public meetings. In order for immigrants to be welcomed into the Baltimore community, it’s important that government deliberately take steps to ensure community engagement is effective and successful. One of the most practical ways to do this is by offering translation services and public meetings and other government fora. Paris will:
    • Explore legislation mandating that translation services be offered at all government meetings where a certain threshold of the engaged community speaks a language other than English. For example, in New York City, the number considered was 10%. (FN47)
  • Making Patterson High School a full-service community school welcoming immigrants. Baltimore’s Patterson Park High School is Baltimore City’s most diverse high school and one of the most diverse in the state of Maryland, with roughly a third of the school’s 1,000 students being foreign born. (FN48) Around the country, schools with similar concentrations of foreign born populations are turning to a full-service community school model that combines multiple types of supports for immigrant students in a partnership with the community. As Councilwoman, Paris will:
    • Partner with immigrants, advocates, and BCPS to pilot a full-service community school model at Patterson High School serving immigrant students by studying schools in the Internationals Network, of which there are three in Maryland, (FN49) but in particular, Oakland International High School, a national leader. (FN50)