Responsive Constituent Services


Your City Councilperson should be the most on-the-ground elected official you have. They should be accessible to you at all times and act as your first go-to when interacting with local government. Paris believes that First District residents deserve a Councilperson who works for them and focuses on the First District. There are simple steps Paris will take to deliver more responsive and effective constituent services for Southeast Baltimoreans. As Councilwoman, Paris will:

  • Open a District Office. Working for the community should mean working IN the community. Constituents should not have to go all the way downtown to City Hall in order to meet with their Councilperson and their staff. Other councilmanic districts in Baltimore have opened district offices, so we know that it is possible. Paris will work with the Board of Estimates to secure funding for an office located in the heart of Southeast Baltimore so that the resources and representation provided by her office are more accessible to constituents.
  • Set a new standard for frequency of communication. Paris’ office will distribute a weekly newsletter that is made publicly available to everyone in the district, so that residents and businesses alike are aware of all upcoming events, meetings, and legislative activities that will affect them.
  • Commit to a 48-hour response time for all constituent requests. When it comes to local office, responsiveness is the name of the game. We deserve a public servant who listens to our questions, responds to us when we have concerns, and works to find solutions. Paris has spoken with countless First District residents who have reached out to our current Councilman by phone, email, and social media and never received a response. This is unacceptable. Paris firmly believes that it should be easy and reliable to contact your Councilperson’s office. Therefore, as your Councilwoman, Paris will commit to a 48-hour response time for all office requests.