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Paris Bienert is a community organizer, trained social worker, and lifelong Baltimorean who will work for you. Paris is running for City Council to restore faith in local government to serve her neighbors by making sure that our City works for us and provides the services, support, and consideration we all deserve.

Born in Butcher’s Hill, Paris is ready to bring results-oriented leadership to city Hall. In 2018, Paris was elected to the Baltimore City State Central Committee and chosen by her colleagues to serve as Chair of the 46th legislative district. In this role, Paris led the efforts that doubled voter turnout in the First District in 2018. Today, she lives near Patterson Park and serves as Vice President of the Fells Prospect Community Association.

Paris is a proud graduate of the University of Maryland’s School of Social Work where she studied behavioral health and social policy. In her free time, she plays for the Baltimore Blizzard Women’s Ice Hockey Team in Patterson Park, reads true crime novels, and watching re-runs of Parks & Rec


Baltimore needs a plan, and Paris has one. She has a vision of a Baltimore that works for all of us. Together, we should focus on the changes that will make a real difference in Southeast Baltimore and across our City.

As a trained social worker, Paris knows that public safety across our City doesn’t start or end with policing. The only realistic and sustainable path to a safer City requires investments that tackle the root causes of crime: poverty, lack of mental and physical healthcare, trauma, and other systemic causes.
Some of Baltimore’s great challenges will take years to tackle.

However, there are many issues we can focus on that will result in immediate relief to Baltimore’s communities.


While some of the priorities discussed below will require ongoing partnership and implementation over the medium or long term, Paris has identified four legislative priorities that can be prepared and introduced in the Council in her first 100 days in office.

  • Banning Salary History Inquiries. The practice of basing salary offers on a candidate’s pay history perpetuates racial, gender, and other kinds of wage gaps. Paris will introduce legislation to ban salary history inquiries. 
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Task Force. Creating facilities to expand access to critically needed MAT is difficult due to the associated stigma and community concerns. Paris will legislative the creation of a temporary MAT task force to study successful strategies deployed worldwide to eliminate the stigma, build trust with communities, and eliminate any potential negative impacts. 
  • Work Group for Women’s Transportation Issues. Women have different experiences riding transit than men do, especially when it comes to safety. Paris will create a work group to propose recommendations to the Maryland Transit Administration and the Baltimore City Department of Transportation. 
  • Office of Returning Citizens Affairs. Baltimore’s high recidivism rate reflects a broken reentry process for many returning citizens. Paris will legislate the creation of an Office of Returning Citizens Affairs to provide returning citizens with a one-stop shop for available resources.