The Paris Post – November 7, 2019

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November 7, 2019

Paris is a “Ballot Breaker”

Paris recently gave an interview and was honored to be named a “Ballot Breaker.” She joins a nationwide group of young people who are breaking tradition and transforming what it means to be a candidate.

In the interview, she spoke about the importance of gender representation, her experience running as a young person, and her thoughts on why local government matters. Read the whole interview here.


Monthly Budget

We have officially passed the 6-month mark, meaning that we have less than 6 months until Primary Election Day on April 28th! We are asking supporters to help us stay strong through these remaining months by committing to a small monthly contribution.

The amount you would spend on a tank of gas ($35), a case of White Claw ($15), a Netflix subscription ($10), or a Starbucks latte ($5) will go a LONG way in our grassroots-funded campaign. Can you add us to your monthly budget?

#ParisHasAPlan for Returning Citizens

Paris recently spoke with a group of men and women participating in Living Classrooms’ Project SERVE Re-Entry Initiative. Read more here.

They shared about their personal experiences re-entering society after prison. Many returning citizens simply do not have access to adequate supports. Despite the various programs offered in Baltimore by nonprofits and City agencies, there is no clear roadmap to help them navigate and access the services that are available. That’s why #ParisHasAPlan to create an Office of Returning Citizens Affairs in Baltimore. Read more here.

Puppies for Paris!

Paris meets new voters and supporters every day when she’s out knocking on doors, but more excitingly…. she meets puppies! Recently, she had the pleasure of meeting Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons and Bennie (his cat companions “The Jets” did not make the photo).


Our Next Fundraiser


Please join us for our next campaign fundraiser on Thursday, November 14th from 6-8pm! You can expect delicious Greek food, warm company, and the camaraderie of people truly concerned about the future of Southeast Baltimore.

You can reserve your ticket online here, or send a check payable to Friends of Paris Bienert, c/o Rice Consulting, 17 W Courtland St, Suite 210, Bel Air MD 21014. For questions, call our team at 410-838-6355.


Upcoming Events

And of course, we are still knocking doors and making phone calls every single day. Help us keep up our momentum by coming out with us. Click here to volunteer any day you have available.


See you soon!

Team Paris