The Paris Post – October 10, 2019

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October 10, 2019

Doing The Work

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Too frequently, our local government leaders and City agencies fail to deliver efficient and comprehensive services. As Councilwoman, Paris will work diligently to deliver more responsive and effective constituent services to Southeast Baltimoreans. Recently, Paris resolved a major constituent issue when a speed bump was incorrectly installed. Read more here.

In The Community

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On Tuesday, Paris spoke to the Brewers Hill Community Association about her plans to deliver responsive and effective constituent service. Brewers Hill residents told Paris the same thing that residents of every neighborhood say: they want a Councilperson who is focused on the district and accessible at all times. As you know, Paris will be that Councilperson.

At the meeting, many residents expressed support for Paris’ campaign and requested yard signs. If you live in the First District and don’t have a sign up yet, request a sign right now.

#ParisHasAPlan: End Human Trafficking

Earlier this week, authorities made arrests in response to an alleged human trafficking ring and brothel in the Highlandtown neighborhood of Southeast Baltimore. The brothel has been targeting some of our community’s most vulnerable people – undocumented, Hispanic women.

We know that human trafficking occurs everyday in our City, right under our noses. Paris has a plan to pursue full decriminalization of sex work because we know that criminalization makes workers more vulnerable to violence, trafficking, and exploitation. Read more here.

#ParisHasAPlan: Close the Gender Gap

In Baltimore City, the average woman still makes $0.80 compared to the average man’s $1.00. As Councilwoman, Paris will work to close this gender pay gay by introducing legislation to ban salary history inquiries. Many employers ask how much a worker made in their previous job and then base their new pay off of the worker’s wage history, rather than off of the market value of their labor.

This practice – which is currently completely legal – perpetuates the gender wage gap and helps to explain why women get caught in the cycle of wage discrimination because it can prevent women from ever earning equal pay for equal work. Read more here.

Our Next Fundraiser

Our Ikaros event has been rescheduled for Thursday, November 14th from 6-8pm! Please join us for delicious Greek food, warm company and the fellowship of people truly concerned about the future of Southeast Baltimore.
Ikaros Nov. 14 Invitation

You can reserve your ticket online here, or send a check payable to Friends of Paris Bienert, c/o Rice Consulting, 17 W Courtland St, Suite 210, Bel Air MD 21014.

New State Laws

On October 1, new laws passed by the Maryland state legislature went into effect. There are many new laws that will improve the lives of people around Maryland, like same day voter registration, opioid treatment in correctional facilities, and a bump stock ban. Read more here.

New State Laws

10-26-19 Canvass

The weather is getting chillier, but our momentum on the doors is heating up! With the shorter daylight hours, it’s more important than ever that we have big groups out knocking to maximize the time we spend talking to voters. We need your help! Click here to sign up for a volunteer shift.

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