The Paris Post – September 12, 2019

September 12, 2019


Earlier this week, Paris released a detailed platform and legislative agenda entitled Baltimore Is Worth Fighting For: Paris’ Plan to Restore Faith in Local Government and Deliver Bold Solutions With Immediate Impact. The plan calls for modernization and civilianization of the Baltimore Police Department, bold public health approaches for crime reduction, and ideas to support our young people with the resources they need to succeed. She also lays out a strategy to alleviate economic hardships by focusing on public transportation, affordable housing, and increased job opportunities. 


As you know, Paris is the first candidate in this race to release any substantive plans or policy proposals. We need a leader who has a clear vision and concrete plan to move our City forward. Paris is that leader because #ParisHasAPlan.

Welcoming Sydney

We’re excited to introduce our team’s newest member Sydney Moore, who is our new Field Director. Paris and Sydney met in 2018 when Sydney was interning for Delegate Robbyn Lewis’ campaign and Paris was running for the Central Committee with Team46. Since joining our team, Sydney has been working hard to recruit volunteers, set up meetings with community members, and make sure we’re reaching our daily field goals. Please help make Sydney’s new job a little easier by signing up to volunteer today!


Supporting Democrats

As Chair of the Democratic State Central Committee in the 46th District, Paris works hard to make sure that our local Democratic party is active and engaged. Earlier this month, the 46th District hosted a Mix & Mingle fundraiser in Fells Point to support the citywide committee. At the event, Paris spoke about the progress local Democrats have made and the work that her committee has done to better engage voters. Under her leadership, voter turnout increased last year by 95% in the First District!  


Upcoming Events

We hope you will join Team Paris for our next campaign fundraiser at Ikaros on September 30th. We are currently building our host committee and would love if you could step up to support Paris’ vision for a stronger Baltimore. Your support will keep us in a competitive position to continue our aggressive communications and field operations. Click here to get your ticket!



Other events:


See you soon!

Team Paris